green Services

For general pest control:

  • EPA minimum risk products.

  • Natural derived ingredients.

  • Products we can use near or over water without the risk of contamination.

  • Use of traps in place of traditional treatments.

For rodent control:

  • Products that are safe for people, pets, and wildlife.

  • Safe for the environment - fully biodegradable

  • Use of rodent traps instead of bait.

  • Sealing of entry holes.

For termite control:

  • Installation of termite bait stations around the foundation instead of traditional liquid chemical treatments.

  • Only required to check 1x each year.

  • Boron based mineral we can use to treat stud walls that will last for 25 yrs.

  • Termite sand barrier can be installed in soil areas that termites can not penetrate.


  • Exclusion service where we can help seal up cracks and crevices/door seals around the structure to help prevent insects from coming in.

We are serious in our commitment to provide organic pest control with our innovative Green service. You can rest assured that we employ a targeted, environmentally-friendly, organic approach when treating your property.

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