My name is Kevin Alexander and I'm the owner and operator of Western Pest Control. I have over 30 years of experience in the pest management field. I worked for a few large pest control companies during a ten year span before I was to open Western Pest Control in 1998. On behalf of the whole team at Western Pest Control, I would like to thank all of our loyal customers that have used us over the years and continue to do so.

Please be patient after our service is completed. It sometimes can take 4-5 days before you start to see results, as not all insects are controlled instantly. It takes time for them to come out and contact the insecticide. Most insect eggs are protected from the insecticide until they hatch. With some insects, several treatments may be needed to provide control. Our regular ongoing program will keep insects under control.

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what to Expect


Fleas can sense vibration so they know a meal is nearby, so don’t forget to vacuum the carpeting and edges 3 days after treatment. This is the best way to keep them active and hopping through the treated areas. If no one is home during the day or you go on vacation after treatment, place a small radio on the floor or turn on the TV. This will provide enough vibration as well.

Also, wash all pet bedding, keep lawn short, and treat your animals with a labeled product that says it controls fleas on your animals. Always read label directions to make sure you know how to us it. The best products are the ones you can purchase from your vet.

for fleas

In most cases, one treatment will not be enough. Treatments at 14 day intervals will give you the fastest and best control but do not wait more than 30 days for your next service as they can regain their population quickly. If you do wait more than 30 days, you will have to pay an initial fee again to restart the service. Another important thing to remember is roaches do not like clean environments. The cleaner you keep your place, the better control we can achieve.

for cockroaches

Please be patient after our service is completed. It sometimes can take 4-5 days before you start to see results as it takes time for gopher to find the bait and moles to run into the traps.

After a Gopher/Mole Treatment

They make visible tunnels on the surface. There can be some mounds visible, but are generally small in comparison to the gophers. They are insect eaters. A mole presence may indicate a large population of soil insects in your yard. We can help with a regular soil treatment that can reduce the insect population and therefore may reduce the amount of mole activity in your yard.

We set traps in the most active runs we can find, then we flatten the other runs. This will help determine what is still active when we return. It takes time for them to find the traps and doing so, a few more runs will appear. This is normal. Generally, in a few days a mole will be caught. If not, we will move the traps to a more active run. We return weekly to check and reset the traps until they are all caught. Price of return trip depends on activity.

for moles

Lawn and vegetation must remain short for good control. Wash pet bedding, and treat your animals. Check yourself before you go inside to make sure you don’t carry any on your clothing.

for ticks

If ants are inside, sometimes they are confused when we treat the interior and exterior. You may see a sudden surge coming inside, but they will lessen in a few days. Keep shrubs and trees trimmed away from the home so nothing touches the structure. Clean up built up leaf litter, branches and wood piles away from structure. Excessive mulch use will also encourage insects to live directly next to the structure so use mulch sparingly.

for ants

If you have structural defects and roaches are hiding behind or in those defects, fix them. The less places they can hide the better. Roaches enjoy hiding places in which both their front and back are touching. Other insects can enter from cracks or holes on the exterior. We can help with sealing up these areas, just ask.


They make large mounds on the surface. You will not see the tunnels leading to the mounds. The tunnels are generally 4-18” below the surface with some portions of the system as far as 5’ below. One gopher can make hundreds of mounds per year. They are mainly vegetarians eating grasses, roots of trees and shrubs, etc.

We inject a grain material underground and into the tunnel system We try to knock down as many mounds after treatment to help determine what is still active when we return. It takes a little time for them to find the grain and doing so, a few more mounds will appear. This is normal. We return every 2 weeks until there is no more activity. Price of return trip depends on activity.

for gophers